Truck Insurance Specialists

Truck Insurance Agency was created specifically to provide local and long distance truckers with the highest quality coverage at the best possible rates.

Specialized Services

At Truck Insurance Agency, truck insurance is all we do. Whatever type of business you are in, if it includes commercial vehicles we can help. No business is too big or too small. Single units to large fleets, Truck Insurance Agency can tailor insurance coverage to meet your specific needs.

  • Long Haul and Local Trucking
  • Sanitation
  • Repo
  • Dump Trucks/Trailers
  • Construction/Contractors

No more waiting!
Get Certificates in 30 minutes

Why should you wait hours to get a certificate sent to you. We know how important it is to get a certificate of insurance and we make sure to get it to you asap. That is why smart truckers choose us for on the fly proof of insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

1How long does your company take to issue certificates of insurance, id cards and binders?
Once coverage has been bound and your policies are updated in our system, the issuance of documentation is immediate. Typically, certificates requested through our dedicated email address are issued in 30 minutes or less depending on volume.
2Can I get certificates 24/7?
Yes! If you expect that you will need certificates during non-business hours you can register to access our Self-Serve Portal to issue your own certificates 24/7.
3If I need service on my policy such as adding a driver or vehicle who do I call?
We believe in personalized service. Every customer is assigned to a dedicated service representative located in the United States. You will never deal with a representative that does not know the history of your account. And all of our service representatives are experienced in truck insurance.
4I am on the road most days, if I have a payment that is due while I am on the road are there payment options available?
Yes. If you are on the road and need to make a payment you have several options. Your premium finance company can take payments over the phone and through the internet. Debit cards are also accepted. Spanish speaking representative are available. If you have any additional payment problems, your dedicated customer service representative can help you during normal business hours.
5If I need to hire a new driver can your company help me pre-qualify the drivers?
While we can’t make hiring decisions for you, we work closely with your office to ensure that all drivers meet the insurance companies criteria and advise you if the prospective driver is acceptable. We also provide the Federally mandated driver inquiry forms that your drivers must sign allowing us to run their license abstract. This signed document should be placed in the drivers DQ file for DOT audit purposes.